Lifeskills Counseling Services is a professional Christian counseling practice that assists individuals, couples and families to live healthier and more fulfilling lives. At some point, most of us will go through difficulties that don’t seem to get better with “more effort” or even attempting to do things differently. Often, it can be helpful to sit down with a trained, compassionate and more objective person to help sort through the struggle, see it in a different way and make positive changes. Counseling is viewed as a “team” effort. Progress requires investment on the part of the participant as well as the therapist.

PURPOSE (Mission statement)
Lifeskills Counseling Services strives to be a Bible-based practice of honesty, integrity and transparency in helping others in the community.

Rely on Biblical values, truths and principles as its foundation.
Respect and value all who come despite their struggle or experiences.
Meet people where they are in their current circumstances rather than imposing beliefs.
Offer quality professional services.
Adults Teens
Pre-Marital Marriage
Chemical Dependency
  Dave has a B.A degree, in psychology from Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Dave is owner of Lifeskills Counseling Services and works as a therapist and church liaison...
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